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Sailboard Alley will be ending business operations in December of 2014. Therefor we are liquidating all remaining inventory at reduced prices. With the exception of a few specialized parts everything is on sale. Prices will continue to drop as we get closer to the end of the year.

Thank you for stopping by our website.  At we specialize in Windsurfing parts and accessories.  Our goals is help the windsurfers in the USA and Canada quickly the find parts and accessories that may be overlooked on the bigger windsurfing web stores.  We hope you find what your are looking for, and can get back on the water as quickly as possible. Have a great and windy day!

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This fin is the evolution of the first 2007 RC model. More powerful on the low end, this model performs at its max in all the racing conditions. It's one of the most sailed racing fins on the PWA tour. Ideal for racing conditions, but can be also used on freerace boards to go faster!

Material: G-10
Regular Price: $153.00
 On Sale For: $130.00 

DaKine fixed length harness lines.
8-Plait pre-stretched FSE Robline® rope.
High-density polyurethane tubing.
Non-slip boom pads.
Regular Price: $22.00
 On Sale For: $12.00 

Chinook Fixed length Harness Lines. 
Simple, durable harness lines. Designed with no swing, precise sizing, and very low-profile styling.
Regular Price: $22.00
 On Sale For: $12.00 

Everything you need to adapt a Chinook Carbon Boom into a low friction, 8 to 1, on-the-fly out-haul system. Or almost any other boom that already has a 3 pulley out-haul system.
The kit includes:
  • 2 Clamcleat CL244 cleat and clamps(1)
  • 2 5 foot lengths of 4 mm pre-stretched line.
  • 1 12 foot length of 4 mm pre-stretched line.
  • 2 Ronstan pulley blocks.
  • 2 T-handles
  • 1 double sail pulley

Note: Kit does not include the rope guide eyelets shown in the picture. These are part of certain Chinook booms.
Note(1): The Clamcleat CL244 kit include 2 different size clamps and a rubber shim. Will fit any boom OD from 35 – 37 mm (1.38 - 1.46 in).
Regular Price: $74.00
 On Sale For: $52.00